Excel Institute

Nr. Amrit Hotel,
Ahmedabad - Mehsana Highway,
At. Ola, Po. Isand,
Ta. Kalol,
Dist. Gandhinagar-382721.

Email: info@excelkalol.com
Mobile No: 769 811 6878
Mobile No: 909 906 3213

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  • 21-07-2019 - Academic Term for 1st Semester
  • 27-06-2019 - Academic Term for 3th & 5th Sem

About Trust

Shree Umiya Education Trust is a Public Trust registered under Bombay Charitable Trust Act, 1950, having registration no. E / 17748/ Ahmadabad. The trust is established to pursue its main object to provide quality technical education amongst the people who require. As a part of its social mission and considering the opportunities that are emerging in this global development the trust with in its main objective started a diploma polytechnic institute namely EXCEL INSTITUTE OF DIPLOMA STUDIES, in the region of Kalol, North Gujarat to impart quality technical education to the students.

Vision Of The Trust

  • To see every Indian as one of the best Technocrat, entrepreneur and Administrator on the world horizon.
  • To raise an institution which can cater for future consumer demand oriented studies and impart technical knowledge to counteract the challenges emerging out of globalization of agricultural, industrial and socio-economic growth

Mission Of The Trust

  • The prime mission of the TRUST is to survive in the complex and competitive world. The principal of competition is built in the very roots of the world. Because of the globalization and rapid transport facility the world is become so small and so competitive so the body is believed in the doctrine of SURVIVOR OF THE FITTEST.
  • To provide a torch bearer educational institution in its chosen field of academic and professional excellence.
  • To inculcate a committed sense of self discipline, value conscious learning where a continuing search for better understanding and a constant urge of one's seeking productive utility towards the society and nation as a whole leaves its own landmark; which can become a hallmark of this institution


Nr. Amrit Hotel, Ahmedabad - Mehsana Highway, At. Ola, Po. Isand,Ta. Kalol,
Dist. Gandhinagar-382721.
Mobile No.: +91-7698116878
Mobile No.: +91-9099063213
Email: info@excelkalol.com

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